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Comp #1: The Greatest Flasher - July 26/27, 2019

Working a climb into submission by rehearsing the subtleties of each body position, planning the minutiae of every foot movement, and dialing in energy efficiency for an entire sequence is certainly one of the most tried and true ways of attaining maximum climbing performance. This style of climbing, while impressive, completely neglects the magic and inherent prowess associated with being able to execute a difficult problem of the most intricate level on one’s first try.

In bouldering, a flash, or completing a problem on the first try, is the epitome of good style. The Greatest Flasher is the first competition bouldering event to fully embrace and reward this “one shot, one kill” mentality to the fullest.  Citizen competitors will compete in a Modified Red-point Round, favoring ‘first try’ ascents, while Pro competitors will be forced to perform their best under the most strict circumstances: one try per boulder.

Who will be The Greatest Flasher of 2019?

Congrats to Pro Finals Winners Maya Madere and Josh Levin!

Full competition results below.

Citizen’s Competition

The Citizen’s Competition on Saturday, July 27th will consist of a Modified Red-Point format (Top 5 climbs contribute to your total score) with an added bonus for Flash (first try) ascents. Youth/Junior competitors are welcome to compete in the Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced categories if they wish. Please register under the category that best fits your climbing ability. Please no sandbagging, competitors will be bumped to a higher category at the organizers discretion. Check the schedule below to confirm your climbing time based on your category.


Youth (under age 13)

Junior (age 13-15)

Beginner (V0-V3)

Intermediate (V4-V6)

Advanced (V7-V9)

Masters (age 40+)

Pro/Open Competition

The Pro/Open Competition will consist of a Qualifiers on Friday, July 26th from 6-9pm. Top 6 Male and Female will move on to Finals on Saturday, July 27th from 6-8pm. Both Qualifiers and Finals will consist of 10 climbs per gender with a limit of one try on each climb in an open session format. Open/Pro competitors can expect the difficulty to be a minimum of V8 for all problems. Registration is open to all competitors of any age.

Cash Purse

1st Place: $3500

2nd Place: $2000

3rd Place: $1000

4th Place: $750

5th Place: $500

6th Place: $250