Comp #2: The Force Majeure - September 20/21, 2019

The legendary British climber Ben Moon once said that “Technique is no substitute for power.” This statement most clearly defines what this competition represents. In an era where climbers have four minutes to solve complex coordination combos and the counterintuitive intricacies of the latest dual-tex volume labyrinth, it seems that pure power has taken a backseat. Gone are the PCA days of Chris Sharma and Lisa Rands battling their way through straight-forward, yet viciously powerful moves culminating in wild throws to the lip of the wall.  Until now.

This is our throw-back to the years in which pulling down hard was paramount to the tricks, parkour, and ninja-style moves that seem to dominate our comp world these days. Let’s see who is the strongest competitor out there. You’ve got indomitable fingers of steel and the bellowing battle cry of a seasoned warrior? Prove it.

Who will be The Force Majeure of 2019?

Citizen’s Competition

The Citizen’s Competition on Saturday, September 21st will consist of a Modified Red-Point format (Top 5 climbs contribute to your total score). Youth/Junior competitors are welcome to compete in the Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced categories if they wish. Please register under the category that best fits your climbing ability. Please no sandbagging, competitors will be bumped to a higher category at the organizer’s discretion. Check the schedule below to confirm your climbing time based on your category.

Citizen’s Format

Traditional Redpoint Format. Competitors will have 3 hours to climb as many problems as they want. Total score will be based on an accumulation of competitors’ 5 best ascents. Points will be deducted for falls as detailed on the scorecard. Unlike Comp #1: The Greatest Flasher, there will be no flash bonus. Ties will be broken by 6th completed climb.


Youth (under age 13)

Junior (age 13-15)

Beginner (V0-V3)

Intermediate (V4-V6)

Advanced (V7-V9)

Masters (age 40+)

 Pro/Open Competition

The Pro/Open Competition will consist of a Qualifiers on Friday, September 20th from 6-9pm. Top 6 Male and Female will move on to Finals on Saturday, September 21st from 6-8pm. Open/Pro competitors can expect the difficulty to be a minimum of V8 for all problems. Registration is open to all competitors of any age.

Pro Qualifier Format

10 Problems Per Gender. 3 Hours to complete all 10 Problems. Unlimited Attempts. Score will be based on amount of climbs completed followed by amount of attempts to complete them. Top 6 move on to Finals. If ties for 6th Place, additional climbers will advance.

Pro Finals Format

“Session Format” with Points Awarded By Order of Ascent

6 Climbs per Gender, 1 Hour Per Gender

All climbers out at the same time - 10 Minute Preview

Point Distribution
1st Ascent - 1000 Points

2nd Ascent - 750 Points

3rd Ascent - 600 Points

4th Ascent - 500 Points

5th Ascent - 425 Points

6th Ascent - 375 Points

1 Judge per problem. Scorecard in judge’s stack dictates the order of attempts.

In case of a technical, climber gets to try the problem again before anyone else gets a chance.

When your card comes to the top of the stack and your name is called, you have 1 minute to start the problem.  If 1 minute expires, your card goes to the back of the stack or you can pull your card and add it to the stack of a different problem.

Cash Purse

1st Place: $3500

2nd Place: $2000

3rd Place: $1000

4th Place: $750

5th Place: $500

6th Place: $250