Competition climbing

has a long and diverse history. While progression has taken many different paths, one thing has always been constant -- we compete to push the boundaries of belief within our own capabilities, to share the strengths, skills, and knowledge we have fostered on our own time, and to belong as one group with one purpose free from the monotony and distractions of normal life.


The commitment and effort

put forth by those around us drives us to improve as climbers. It is this spirit and eternal desire for a good challenge that has pushed us to create our own competition series unshackled by previous formats and structures. While the majority of competitive climbing in today’s world seeks to assimilate with the upcoming inclusion in the 2020 Summer Olympics, we seek a new path, one that is founded on the principles of progression, core belief, inclusiveness, and fun.


The 2019 TBF Masters Series

3 Competitions

Pro and Citizens

All New Formats

$60,000 Total Series Purse

$8,000 in Gear Giveaways


Comp #1: The Greatest Flasher